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The Truth Behind High Rep and Low Rep Exercises for Building Muscle

Today, you will see a great increase in people engaging in fitness exercises because they have realized the value of their health. As you look closely at your fitness needs, you will also realize the value of engaging in muscle-building exercises. Muscle building exercises are an important area of fitness. If you talk about building your muscles, you will always hear about high reps and low reps. These two areas are what this article will be focusing on. Whatever type of exercise you plan on engaging in, you have to go with one that meets your current fitness levels and body goals. Experience in a crucial consideration if you are going to be engaging in fitness exercises. Going to an experienced fitness instructor is one of the best moves that you can make if you want to truly become fit and healthy in this day and age.

The basics of low reps and high reps are something that you should keep in mind if you are going to be serious in your exercises, especially building your muscles. An important factor that you need to look into when doing low reps is that they are created for heavy weights. The responses of your muscles for this type of exercises will be their growth and development as well as high-resistance gains. These are just some of the main reasons why you need to do low reps when you are building your muscles.

Exercises that involve high reps are another important aspect of building your muscles. If you must do these exercises, then you can expect to use light weights. People who want to build their muscles think that this kind of exercise is not an important part of the process. Even if you are not going to have initial resistance of your muscles through these exercises, they will help in improving circulation to your muscles. With improved muscle circulation, you can expect more muscle formation in the long run.

The thing about doing low-rep exercises that are heavy is that your body can easily respond to them. The effects, however, may only be short-term. Despite following the same routine, you might not still see major changes. When it comes to building your muscles, you need to have the right balance of nutrition for them to grow and develop. Simply, you need to combine both low reps and heavy weights and high reps and light weights into your exercise routine. This is the kind of routine that you need to ensure adequate nutrition and circulation for all of your muscles. There is one effective method that you can do if you want to increase the mass of one of your muscles or groups of muscles. You can select that certain muscle and then do light weights and high reps with them. It only takes a couple of weeks for you to see what these exercises can do to your body.

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