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How to Troubleshoot the Electric Acoustic Guitar

In a number of various options, sizes, as well as shapes, will you find the electric acoustic guitars.One the common choice that you can select from is the acoustic guitar having a system for pickup that makes it possible for you to plug it into an amplification system.

When added, the pickup system enables the acoustic guitar to become an electric acoustic guitar as now you can play it on its own or else connect it to public address system or an amplifier like you can do to an electric guitar.

If you own an electric acoustic guitar it will not take long before you start some problems such as the signal chain problem and hence it is necessary to understand how you can diagnose these problems.

The two typical issues arising with connection of an electric guitar which is acoustic to a public system or an amplifier are the complete signal loss and the sounds that are distorted or static.

When connected to a public address system or to an amplifier, the acoustic guitar can produce the distorted or static sounds resulting from a number of issues.You should first check on the cable of the guitar that you are using shake it gently and listen if there is any crackling sound.If the crackling sound is present, it might be possible that the cable is having a shot somewhere.When you hear the sound of crackles after pressing the ends of guitar cable to and fro then this is an indication that the electric shot you are experiencing is emanating from the cable connectors.A cable that is new should be used to ensure that the shot problem is solved.

The second issue that you might be facing is the complete signal loss when you plug in the electric acoustic guitar into an amplifier or in a public address system.Checking the amplifier is the first thing while diagnosing the problem to ensure that it is on as well as that the settings in volume level are fine.To ensure that the complete loss of signal is resulting from the guitar and not the amplifier you should use another acoustic guitar that is properly functioning.

For you to determine what is the issue with your acoustic guitar and why it is experiencing hitches, the above provided tips may seem so many to follow but they will surely help you.With the provided tips the process of determining the issue with your electric acoustic guitar will be fast and fairly simple.

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