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Laser Therapy and Its Hair Regrowth Benefits

Low level laser hair therapy is a non-invasive revolutionary method of promoting hair regrowth. With it, your hair can become shinier, thicker and just plain healthier, just like before. As long as you choose a clinic that offers soft or cold lasers approved by the Food and Drug Administration, you should be good to go.

Laser hair therapy in general is easy and absolutely painless, with no known side effects to boot. It was developed in Europe as a cosmetic technique for improving hair colors and perms, it is now widely used and recognized as an effective hair loss and prevention method.

The Specific Benefits

> Increased scalp blood supply by up to 54% following one treatment

> Hair follicle stimulation

> Arrests hair loss progression in 85% of cases

> Makes hair stronger but softer, more elastic, and thicker

> Supports newly transplanted hair and assists the healing process

> Neutralizes damage caused by applied chemicals

Low level laser light has been used for a variety of conditions in Europe for more than three decades, and is the subject of at least 2500 globally published scientific papers. As we have said previously, the treatment has no known side effects as proven by all the research behind it.

Despite the promise held by laser treatment before, it only rose to popularity fairly recently. Now, there is an increasing acceptance and even preference for low-level laser treatment among practitioners for certain conditions. International communities started to see the real benefits of laser hair therapy more than ever.

How Does Low Level Laser Light Work?

Low level laser light is basically compressed light of a wavelength Of the electromagnetic radiation spectrum, or its cold, red part to be exact. It is not the same as natural light because it only comes in a single exact color, travels on a straight line and is focused on a certain spot or location. These are the properties that give laser light the ability to penetrate with no heating, damage or any other side effects.

For a long time time, top hair restoration clinics and salons the world over have been relying on this technology for hair regrowth or simply for restoring desirable hair qualities, like shine and thickness. Compared to other treatments, this one has an edge because it is scientifically proven.

If you’re considering laser therapy for your hair, you have every reason to try it. But keep in mind that while this procedure is now rather popular, not everyone who performs it is qualified. So befroe choosing a particular clinic or salon, take time to do some research.

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